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    Tokyo Chain “Good Morning Cafe” – Hip and Healthy

    Tokyo restaurant chain Good Morning Cafe is hip and relatively healthy. Good Morning Cafes all project a bit of a NYC vibe and have spacious outdoor seating, a surprising rarity in Tokyo.
    A Good Morning Cafe can be found in any of these Tokyo areas: Harajuku, Toranomon, Shinagawa, Nakano, Ikebukuro, Waseda, and Jimbocho (pictured).
    Tokyo Chain Good Morning Cafe
    Tokyo Chain Good Morning Cafe 1

    Perfect when the weather is nice

    Their “Healthy Power Lunch” is plated to perfection and served on a homely wooden board. It includes a fresh salad and 6 forms of tapas. 1200 Yen.

    Tokyo Chain Good Morning Cafe 3
    For 950 Yen, you can order the “Daily Market Salad Lunch”. It’s simpler – bread and soup, but with a heftier salad.
    Tokyo Chain Good Morning Cafe 4
    The Healthy Power Lunch is definitely more fun…but if you’re someone with a large appetite, you might be a little hungry afterwards.

    Coffee or tea at lunch is just another 100 Yen. Ginger ale, coke, cafe au lait and other drinks run from 150 to 200 Yen. 300 Yen will get you beer or wine.
    Tokyo Chain Good Morning Cafe 5
    Tokyo Chain Good Morning Cafe 6

    Grilled fish

    Tokyo Chain Good Morning Cafe 7
    For lunch Good Morning Cafe also has a daily and monthly pasta, a “plate” lunch (a meat dish), and a burger, which I’ve yet to try. I can speak for their pasta and plate lunches though. They’re equally tasty and inventive; a fusion of Japanese and Western ingredients and condiments.
    If you’re looking for hip and healthy in Tokyo, Good Morning Cafe is your spot. Furthermore, you can enjoy your food outside. Below are the details for their Jimbocho location (Nishikicho).

    Address: 3-20 Kanda, Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku (千代田区 神田錦町 3-20 錦町トラッドスクエア 1F)
    Train Station: Jimbocho (Hanzomon, Mita, Shinjuku Train Lines)
    Shop Hours: Weekdays: 7:30~14:30 / 17:00~22:30 // Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays: 7:30~14:30 / 17:00~22:30

    More Info: Tabelog Link  /  Homepage