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    Not Ramen

    Tasty Japanese Ochazuke Cuisine, Right in Roppongi Hills

    Dashichazuke EN is excellent if you’re in the mood for Japanese ochazuke.

    The restaurant is conveniently located in the Roppongi Hills Complex (B1 of the North Tower). It’s a short distance from Roppongi Station, Hibiya Train Line’s C1 exit.

    Tasty Japanese Ochazuke Cuisine - ExteriorJapanese ochazuke (お茶漬け), or simply chazuke, is like cereal, except much prettier and more complex. Hot water, green tea, or dashi is poured over rice sprinkled with various toppings. Toppings like seaweed, Japanese pickles, and fish roe keep ochazuke relatively low in calories and healthy!

    Tasty Japanese Ochazuke Cuisine - MealDashichazuke EN has a good variety of Japanese ochazuke. I opted for the “Half and Half” meal – bottom right on the menu below. For 1,001 Yen, you get to choose 2 ochazuke. I went with “Broiled Cod Roe and Leaf Mustard” and “Chicken Rice and Amami Islands’ Best Selected Products”. They are verbal and literal mouthfuls.

    Tasty Japanese Ochazuke Cuisine - MenuHere’s the hot water pour…

    Tasty Japanese Ochazuke Cuisine - PourMagnifique. Delicioso.

    Tasty Japanese Ochazuke Cuisine - Spoonful

    Tasty Japanese Ochazuke Cuisine - Interior

    This came with the meal, in the beginning:

    Tasty Japanese Ochazuke Cuisine - Appetizer

    They do onigiri (rice ball) takeout too!

    Tasty Japanese Ochazuke Cuisine - Onigiri

    Roppong Hills Shop (North Tower B1F) 
    Train Station: Roppongi (Hibiya, Oedo Lines)
    Shop Hours: 10:00 – 23:00 (Open on Sundays too)

    Nihombashi Shop (COREDO B1F)
    Train Station: Nihombashi (Ginza, Tozai, Asakusa Lines)
    Shop Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 (Open on Sundays and on Sundays closed at 21:00)

    Shinjuku Shop 
    Train Station: Shinjuku (Many Lines)
    Shop Hours: 8:00 – 22:00 (Open on Sundays too)