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    Italian Carbonara Tsukemen in Nakameguro, Tokyo

    Mitsuyadou Seimen is famous for its in-house noodles and tsukemen (dipping noodles). They also have ramen, but tsukemen is their claim to fame, served with either chicken & soy sauce broth or pork bone & fish broth. Both broths have a hint of yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit).

    But here we’re looking at some of Mitsuyadou Seimen’s more crazy, experimental dishes. Every season they’re come up with some unique dish, like Italian Carbonara tsukemen (Autumn 2017). Carbonara is a creamy Italian pasta made with egg, bacon, pepper, and of course cheese.

    Italian Carbonara Tsukemen in Nakameguro, Tokyo 1

    All pictures within are from their Nakameguro location, which is right next to Nakameguro station.

    Carbonara Tsukemen

    Like it was concocted in some umami lab, this restaurant’s Carbonara tsukemen is a beautiful marriage of East and West.

    Italian Carbonara Tsukemen in Nakameguro, Tokyo 2

    The dipping broth is decidedly Carbonara creamy, with plenty of cheese and some milk. Also true to Carbonara, there are little pieces of soft bacon in the broth.

    Italian Carbonara Tsukemen in Nakameguro, Tokyo 3

    Like all their tsukemen, the noodles for the broth are carefully hand-made; egg noodles with a nice bite to them. In the Carbonara tsukemen, the noodles are gently covered by a blanket of egg sprinkled with negi and parmesean cheese.

    The egg blanket’s egg white is uniquely prepared – it’s almost like cotton candy, or like you’re eating a melting cloud.

    You can order your noodles hot or cold. For the noodle amount, pictured is “nami,” or the regular amount.

    Carbonara Tsukemen: 1,280 Yen
    Being on creamy Cloud Nine: Priceless!

    The Carbonara tsukemen is a limited time offering – so grab it while it’s hot!

    Italian Carbonara Tsukemen in Nakameguro, Tokyo 4

    Fiery Hot Miso Tsukemen

    Mitsuya-douseimen has awesome limited dishes every season. This summer they brought forth a fiery hot Miso tsukemen.

    Italian Carbonara Tsukemen in Nakameguro, Tokyo 5

    Since it was summer, the broth was actually cool, temperature-wise. But it was insanely spicy, to the point where I was dumping out the napkin holder to take care of my sweaty brow. Since it’s miso-based it was a bit sweet, but still carried a savory quality. Absolutely delicious.

    The other selling point of this dish is little strips of Shabu style pork. This is an appropriate contrast to the crunch from the bean sprouts, cucumber and little bits of negi.

    Italian Carbonara Tsukemen in Nakameguro, Tokyo 6

    All sizes were the same price too: 930 yen for Sho, Chu and Dai (Small, Medium, Large). Bear in mind that even with Small, there’s a lot of noodles!

    Cheese Tsukemen

    Their cheese tsukemen is available all year round, at 1,020 yen. You can add more noodles for another 100 yen. For these regular menu items, you can choose thin (hoso-men) or thick (futo-men) noodles. The below cheese tsukemen is with hoso-men.

    Italian Carbonara Tsukemen in Nakameguro, Tokyo 7

    There’s a thick cheese sauce (like cheddar) that is separate from the noodles and broth. It goes perfectly with the saltier tsukemen broth, which has hints of egg, lemon and yuzu (a citrus fruit found here).

    Italian Carbonara Tsukemen in Nakameguro, Tokyo 8

    Miso Ja Ja Men

    Here’s another limited time dish that was available in the summer – Ja Ja men, for 900 Yen. Ja ja men is influenced by Chinese cuisine. The thick, sticky sauce is made from ground pork miso, accompanied by cucumbers and pickles.

    The miso ensures the dish has wonderful sweet, tangy flavor.

    Italian Carbonara Tsukemen in Nakameguro, Tokyo 9

    No matter what season you go, Mitsuyado Seimen is the place for legendary tsukemen. High-quality ingredients, hand-made noodles, and creative fusion all make this a place worth eating at.

    Train Station (Nakameguro Location): Nakameguro (Toyoko, Hibiya Lines)
    Shop Hours: Everyday! 11:00~2:00 18:00~1:00 (or until they run out)