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    Michelin Guide Worthy TOKYO VEGAN RAMEN: Soranoiro

    TOKYO VEGAN RAMEN! The ramen at acclaimed “Sonaioro” is vegan, gluten-free and gosh darnnit, delicious. Their signature ramen is chock-full of veggies, with 1 bowl taking care of 75% of your recommended daily vegetable intake.

    Tokyo Vegan Ramen Soranoiro 1


    Tokyo Vegan Ramen Soranoiro 2


    Now this dish below is actually the “Special Veggie Soba” – not all vegan because there are eggs there, for one. It’s a calming blend of citrusy thanks to the yuzu, and spicy, thanks to the hot miso paste. It reminds me of shio (salt) ramen but without the guilt.

    Tokyo Vegan Ramen Soranoiro 3

    Special Veggie Soba

    Tokyo Vegan Ramen Soranoiro 4

    Vending Machine – Left: Special Veggie Soba , Middle: Vegan Veggie Soba, Right: Special Chinese Style Soba

    Now this below is the famous “Vegan Veggie Soba”. It’s a vegetable explosion, with veggies coming up with every bite. It’s naturally a bit lighter than the other bowl.

    Tokyo Vegan Ramen Soranoiro 5

    Vegan Veggie Soba

    Tokyo Vegan Ramen Soranoiro 6

    After you’ve done, you can order rice with melted cheese top everything up

    Although the dishes are actually called “soba,” they look and feel closer to ramen.

    Tokyo Vegan Ramen Soranoiro 7

    Breakdown of all the veggies and their health benefits

    Tokyo Vegan Ramen Soranoiro 8

    Vegan Power!

    Now this one here is a seasonal…cold ramen with a niboshi (dried sardine) broth. The myouga, or Japanese ginger provides a nice garnish and matches the salty, cool noodles and shrimpy taste from the niboshi.

    Keep an eye out for seasonal specials when you’re there. Like me (bottomless stomach), you can eat one of the signature dishes, and also order a seasonal one.

    Tokyo Vegan Ramen Soranoiro 9

    Seasonal Special

    Tokyo Vegan Ramen Soranoiro 10

    Place to ourselves

    Now they’ve also got a branch at “Ramen Street” within Tokyo Station and this one serves vegan tantanmen.

    If you’re looking for Tokyo vegan ramen, look no further…this is the place. They also got a branch at “Ramen Street” within Tokyo Station and this one serves vegan tantanmen.

    Kojimachi Flagship Shop
    Train Station: Kojimachi (Yurakucho Line), Hanzomon (Hanzomon Line)
    Shop Hours: Weekdays: 11:00 – 15:30 / 18:00 – 22:15 / Weekends:  11:00 – 17:00

    Tokyo Station (Ramen Street) Shop
    Train Station: Tokyo(Various Lines)
    Shop Hours: 10:30 – 23:00 (Last Order: 22:30)