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    Whole fish in your Ramen? Ayu Ramen in Futako Tamagawa,Tokyo

    Don’t be surprised when you find a whole fish in your ramen bowl at “Ayu Ramen”. Located in Futako Tamagawa, Tokyo, Ayu Ramen only serves their whole fish ramen at night, giving it some mystique.

    Naturally, the fish they use are ayu. In Japan, ayu are beloved for their sweetness and can be eaten whole, bones and all. Ayu doesn’t have that fierce “fishy” taste either.

    Whole fish in your Ramen, Ayu Ramen, Tokyo

    ​But it’s still a fish. In order to bring out the fishy flavors, the ramen’s shio broth is kept light and simple. The ayu itself is grilled and de-gutted before it goes in. The end result is a harmoniously tasty bowl of ramen.  

    Pictured is the Ayu “Goto” Ramen, which is 1,000 Yen and gives you a whole ayu. On the menu below, it’s got the red circle. If you want half an ayu, it’s 800 Yen. One quarter ayu is 600 Yen. 

    Whole fish in your Ramen, Ayu Ramen, Tokyo 2

    You get a fair amount of noodles. But even with the ayu it’s a lighter meal, so you might want seconds or ayu rice (200 Yen). 

    Whole fish in your Ramen, Ayu Ramen, Tokyo 4

    Japanese craftsmanship

    The surrounding area of Futako Tamagawa is best known for fancy department stores and affluent couples dressing up their poodles in designer clothing. With this odd backdrop, Ayu Ramen is a wonderfully contrasting treat. It’s located on a small shopping street reminiscent of an older Tokyo and it only has a few counter top seats.

    Whole fish in your Ramen, Ayu Ramen, Tokyo 3

    To find out what they serve here during the day (it’s not Ayu Ramen!), click HERE!! Hint: Shouga.

    Whole fish in your Ramen, Ayu Ramen, Tokyo 5

    Train Station: Futako Tamagawa (Denentoshi Line)
    Shop Hours: Everyday! 11:30~14:00 (or until they run out) 18:00~1:00 (or until they run out)