Tokyo Ramen Chain “Oreryu”: Many Choices Under 1 Roof

Tokyo ramen chain “Oreryu Shio Ramen” is the perfect introduction to ramen for visitors to Tokyo. The menus have English and there’s a good variety of ramen to choose from, whether their classic Shio Ramen or the fusion Mushroom and Cheese Ramen. They all taste spectacular.

Tokyo Ramen Chain Oreryu 1

There are a grand total of 6 Oreryu Ramen restaurants in Tokyo, with 3 of them in Shibuya. Just look for the orange sign. All pictures here are from the Shibuya branch close to the big Don Quijote store and Bunkamura complex.

Tokyo Ramen Chain Oreryu 2

If you’re up for it, I do recommend one of their hybrid ramen, like this cheesy concoction below. It’s heaven on earth when the cheese melts in the soup and each time you retrieve noodles they collect some of that melted cheese.

Tokyo Ramen Chain Oreryu 3

Cheese Jjigae (Korean stew) Miso Ramen…the Godfather

Tokyo Ramen Chain Oreryu 4

Shio (Salt Ramen)

Tokyo Ramen Chain Oreryu 5

Shrimp Wonton Ramen. Tastes similar to Shio but the wonton dumplings provide a seafood jolt.

Tokyo Ramen Chain Oreryu 6


Tokyo Ramen Chain Oreryu 7

Tokyo Ramen Chain Oreryu 8

The Oreryu Tokyo ramen chain doesn’t disappoint; its variety will keep you coming back for more and more. I highly recommend Oreryu if you’re first-time visitor to Tokyo.

Shibuya Flagship
Shop Hours: 11:00~6:00 (Open Every Day)

Shibuya Shop 2 (Pictured in article)
Shop Hours: 11:00~6:00 (Open Every Day)

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