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While ramen is clearly the center of the food universe, there’s plenty of other awesome food out there. “Not ramen” features plenty of Japanese soul food, from soba to curry rice. But you’ll also find info on Taipei’s famous night markets, amazing tacos in Seoul, or even burgers in Hokkaido.

  • 3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants - AS
    Not Ramen

    3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants

    Below are 3 MUST TRY Tokyo Burger Restaurants. Burgers might not be the first thing that come to mind when you think of Tokyo food. Ramen, soba, sushi, Michelin Star French…

  • 3 Awesome Standing Soba Spots in Tokyo - Gangi Noodles
    Not Ramen

    3 Awesome Standing Soba Spots in Tokyo

    Standing Soba Shops are a cultural institution in Tokyo and a MUST for visitors wishing to experience the real Tokyo. The lack of tables or chairs creates an intimate environment, as you’re forced to…

  • Yamasan Sushi in Kanazawa (Omicho Market) - Kaisen Close
    Not Ramen

    Kanazawa Sushi: Yamasan Restaurant (Omicho Market)

    There’s nothing quite like Kanazawa sushi. Yamasan sushi restaurant (山さん寿司 本店) is right inside Kanazawa’s historic Omicho Market. You therefore know the seafood is fresh. Yamasan is at the Northern half…