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    Curry Ramen in Tokyo: Shuichi

    The best of both worlds – curry and ramen. Curry Ramen. Shuichi specializes in this fusion noodles mashup.

    You can enjoy Shuichi’s curry ramen late at night too. Their main Roppongi and Ebisu branches are open until 6 am and 5 am!

    Curry Ramen in Tokyo at Shuichi 2

    Outside the Ebisu branch​​

    The classic Curry Ramen or Curry Tsukemen are Shuichi’s flagship dishes. Each one is ¥980 if you want all the toppings, including wonton dumplings and chashu pork. Curry Ramen or Curry Tsukemen without any toppings are only ¥750!
    The yellowish curry broth is made from chicken and pork stock, along with 8 different types of spices. It’s savory, slightly creamy, and is out of this world. The broth is unique, not tasting like Japanese or Indian curry. It’s mildly spicy and there’s also a smoky flavor to it, accentuated by the charred chashu pork.
    Curry Ramen in Tokyo at Shuichi 1

    Curry Ramen with all the trimmings

    You can choose thin (hosomen) or thick noodles (futomen). The noodles have a strong bite to them. During lunch, you also get a bowl of free rice, which comes in handy. You  can scoop up any remaining curry broth to mix with the rice.

    If you’re looking for more spice, try the Kara Miso Curry Ramen, for ¥850. It’s quite spicy! The curry flavor is more subdued and there’s a stronger taste of peppery miso.

    Curry Ramen in Tokyo at Shuichi 4

    Kara Miso Ramen

    Some locals prefer the Curry Tsukemen to the Curry Ramen. The tsukemen broth stays relatively hot for a while, since its served in a clay pot.

    Curry Ramen in Tokyo at Shuichi 5

    Curry Tsukemen

    Only available during winter is their Black Sesame Tantanmen (Kuro Goma Tantanmen). Their famous curry broth is reinforced with a black sesame seed foundation. It’s perfect winter soul food and costs ¥880.

    Curry Ramen in Tokyo at Shuichi 6

    Black Sesame Tantanmen

    Curry Ramen in Tokyo at Shuichi 3

    Interior of Ebisu branch

    Whether you’re craving some late night ramen, or are looking for a good, soul warming lunch, Shuichi’s got you covered.

    Below are the details on their Ebisu branch.

    Address:  1-9-2 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Train Station: Ebisu Station (Yamanote, Hibiya Lines)
    Shop Hours: Mon – Sat: 11:00~5:00 // Sun: 11:00~23:00
    More Info, Ebisu Branch : Tabelog Link
    Other Branches: Roppongi / Nishi-azabu and Todoroki

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